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Oxnard Car Dealerships Most people are enthusiastic about cars and not only do they find pride in owning cars but also stereotypically uses cars as a measure of their wealth considering the make and the number of the motor vehicles they own. Ironically, owning a car doesn’t necessarily bring their owners joy unless it functions as expected by the user, the lack of a smile on their faces may be due to poor choice of a car or rather misinformation about the car they’ve purchased. Car dealerships in Oxnard have worked into realizing close to zero complaints related to poor choice and misinformation during a client’s purchase.

Alexander Buick GMC Inventory, founded by Angie and Robert Alexander in Oxnard has grown to be everyone’s dealership of choice when planning to buy pre-owned still at top quality vehicles and brand new ones too. In a statement by Robert, he said that customer satisfaction is their first priority, this has led to massive growth for the dealership since we have worked into bringing to life the statement by one of the founders.

This is one of the car dealerships in Oxnard and has over three hundred cars with different make, models, types and latest in the market.  Moreover, we do offer car services too, oil change being among the many services our clients get from us at pocket-friendly prices. We are focused into our customers’ satisfaction and that’s why we not only post the vehicles available for sale on our site but also make sure to add a brief and accurate information about each vehicle to let them know of what they are about to add on their cart.

We have with us new and used cars in our inventory at reasonable prices and even cars going for as low as $15k and below. Being an established company you may question why we decided on selling used cars and the answer is, we are focused on customers satisfaction and we are trying to make everyone part of our community by providing affordable vehicles with great quality which makes as go for used but still in good state high-end cars. Having not received complaints at least not yet about the used and the new vehicles, we believe that indeed we are on a good track and aiming to be better in the future.

There is also an online owner center or rather owner’s manual in our website where the owner’s information is safely kept and helps our customers maintain the health of their cars, they include;

1. vthe warranty
2. vservice records
3. vdiagnostic reports

Back in 2012 our company founders Angie and Robert Alexander were honored by Oxnard Chamber of Commerce by crowning their company Alexander Buick GMC as the best new business that year. We are no longer new in this business since this year June 1st which is a month away will mark the dealerships 6th anniversary since its foundation but we intend to retain our title as the best business of the year Oxnard Car Dealerships
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