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If you have been involved in a vehicle accident or have sustained damage to your car you need to get it repaired. It is important to choose a high quality Oxnard collision center to make the necessary repairs. Regardless of what type of damage you sustained you need to ensure that high quality body work will be performed to bring your vehicle back to its original condition.

What to Expect at an Oxnard Collision Center

Cost is a factor in every repair that you want to have done. If the repairs are going through the insurance company you will need to obtain an estimate for work. When you bring your car in for an estimate make sure that you explain exactly what damage was caused by the accident. The insurance company could reject an estimate if it includes work that is not part of the incident.

Make sure that you get a written estimate that breaks down both parts and labor. In some cases the repair specialist may be able to make the necessary repairs using used parts but some repairs require OEM parts. In cases where the frame was damaged or bent it is helpful to use a specially designed machine that takes precise measurements and gives the technician a printout so the exact work can be done to correct the problem.

Once the body is repaired it must be painted. This can be an area of concern for car owners because you certainly don’t want to be able to see where the repair was made. A color match guarantee will ensure that the paint always exactly matches your vehicle and the repair will be virtually invisible.

Choosing an Oxnard Collision Center

It is important to choose an Oxnard collision center with experience handling all types of repairs. You want to make sure that your vehicle is repaired properly the first time and you won’t need to bring it back due to problems. A collision specialist works with all different insurance companies directly to assist you in the claim process.  

You want to make sure that you receive a warranty for the repair work that was completed. Look for a limited lifetime paint and body repair warranty that will give you the peace of mind you need in knowing that you have received the best repair work possible.

Alexander Collision Center has been providing high quality body work and repairs in the Oxnard area for more than a quarter of a century. We understand how important your vehicle is and we make every effort to restore your car to the condition it was in before the accident happened. Our expert technicians utilize the latest technology to properly perform repairs to your vehicle. We repair all makes and models of vehicles and service all dealerships including Nissan, Chevrolet, Toyota, BMW, Scion and all others.

When you want the best repair work after a collision count on Alexander of Oxnard to provide high quality repairs with written warranties on all of our work.